ZOMATO COVID-19 DIARY: khaane se piney tak

ZOMATO COVID-19 DIARY: khaane se piney tak


Many of us worry due to COVID-19, but we have to take a look at some of the Zomato strategy or rather than that the smart decision that Zomato has taken during the pandemic is highly appreciable. Below are the loopholes detected by the Zomato during the lockdown? Where all were thinking and worrying about the COVID-19 cases, the economic slowdown, the international rivalries. Zomato was busy doing a lot of the new things to capture the market and escalate the graph.

By how? Wandering, just by solving the current problems.

By simply observing the current scenario, mind-set, and the trend among the people about the dine-out, delivering services, and many more.


As by now many of us are aware of what Zomato is doing, Zomato has introduced contact-less delivery and dining to assure the minimal touches between the consumer and staff members. Based on the recent consumer survey done by the Zomato, the diners are preferring the restaurant with better safety and hygiene factor to dine-in.

To build and gain the confidence and trust among the consumers they have introduced some new features in their app to order the main course multiple times and the option of payment for the entire table with it the staff members will wear the mask and gloves to minimal the contact further.



Zomato has placed an order of $750 Million.


Wait, it will all clear by this…

Zomato has added the Grofers in their cart, by partnering with them they will get a huge peek in their market shares and overall valuation as they will get new exposure in the grocery delivery service during the lockdown. And will be able to give a tough competition to the strong rival Big Basket.


To scale up the sales Nivea has partnered with the Zomato as well as with Swiggy to deliver the hygiene products at the doorstep. This initiative of Nivea indicates that the brand wishes to have uninterrupted access towards the customers which also signifies how a brand is intermediate between them as a responsible skincare brand.

On the other hand, it is like a cherry on the cake situation for the Zomato. 

  • ZOMATO – INITIATIVE: Alcohol Delivering

As we are aware of an incident that happened in Delhi and Mumbai after the government permitted to open the liquor shop.

This incident hinders me a lot. Like why!?

And also might be the same goes for Zomato that’s why they started delivering the alcohol. They have introduced this to stick the people to stay at home at let us take the initiative of delivery at their doorstep to eliminate the long queues during the pandemic.



Yeah, it’s like never-ending.

Zomato has one new notification. Yeah, Marriott hotels have an order for Zomato.

Marriott has decided to partner with Zomato for featuring the “Marriott on Wheels” on its app as they have recently started the corporate outdoor services and box meals which will elevate their services in a very short time with the help of Zomato. It is the win-win situation for both, as both of them will get a jump from this which indirectly also helps the corporates and the consumers both the parties.

And yeah, one important thing around the three months of lockdown Zomato has successfully delivered more than 2.5 crore orders. These words were said by the master himself “Deepinder Goyal” with the words that …

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-15 at 11.14.10

By concluding, I just want to focus on that we should never stop doing and giving our best in any situation, we can take inspiration from Zomato that whatever the situation is we should always keep the spirit up by acting and behaving positively and keep the watch on what the people require and exactly the Zomato has done as their main service is got affected very badly they kept search of an alternative that what the people need in this time and for this, they acquire the Grofers as people are facing difficulty in purchasing groceries.

-Prerna Sharma

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