Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Why Digital Marketing is Important?


There must be a question of why digital marketing is trending? why every business concern is using this rather than going to the traditional approaches! Here is why companies and small business concerns are doing digital marketing.

Marketing is very important for any business. And the importance of marketing is increasing day by day. Also, trends are being followed by companies and firms. Nowadays, everywhere there is the digital era. In the companies and firms are moving towards digital marketing as per the trend.

The ratio of doing digital marketing is increasing. as per the reports, 4.1 billion people are using the internet in the year 2019. There is a 5.3 % increase by comparing to the year 2018. This is one of the reasons whydigital marketing is increasing.

Benefits of using digital marketing:

And so using a digital platform for marketing will be more impactful. Also, it will increase its reach to the people. Another benefit of using digital marketing is that it is cost-effective. Whether a company or any business concern who is using digital marketing will get cost benefits. By saving money at marketing the company can use this to benefit the consumer or in the company.

  • To Increase reach and create more customer base :

By digital marketing, a company can reach the globe. By this, a website will allow finding new markets and trade globally with less investment. A customer can directly keep in touch with the company irrespective of where he is.

  • Targeted Audience :

By doing digital marketing will bring a continuous flow of the targeted audience. One can easily focus on their target audience. And easily connect with them and can get a review. The offers and marketing messages can be changed based on actions taken by people. By solving the queries of the customer and customize the offer in real-time will work to increase customer satisfaction. And by this one can retain the customer for long.

  • Growing of Small Businesses :

Digital marketing is a gem for the growth of small businesses. The crucial part of small businesses is marketing. Because the competitors are leading the market already. So they have to do marketing in such a way that can increase the reach. And the traditional approach will require more finance. For example, to air, your ad on television will cost more. And that is not possible for small businesses. Around 40% of businesses have claimed that they are getting considerable savings by digital marketing.

  • Measurable Value :

You can easily measure that what is helping you with more sales, how the number of sales you are getting from the particular channel. This is not possible in traditional marketing. You cannot measure which channel is giving how much return on investment. 

  • Higher revenue :

Companies that are using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy. Compare to the traditional approach digital marketing will help to generate comparatively more revenue. Even small business concerns will get a comparatively good amount of revenue.

-Riddhi Yagnik

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