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Interesting And Unknown Facts Related To Content Marketing:

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  • According to a content-bird study, 73% of the companies focused on content marketing strategy. As it evolved from the fact that users no longer pay attention to daily advertising messages on websites that are known to be as “Banner Blindness.”
  • Expert agrees that content plays the most significant role in the website to reach the top position in google search.
  • 72% of marketer says content increases the engagement among the audience.
  • According to the research Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates around 3 times as many leads.
  • Blog posts are the most shared content online

What is content marketing?

I would like to first emphasize actually what is content marketing, it is basically a medium through which we share information, and we entertain people, and lastly which offers utility, utility in the sense which has some value-added. Similarly, like I am writing this blog is a kind of content marketing through the infomediary path.


The relevance of your content needs to be, Unique, Target Specific, Entertaining and Informative, reader-friendly, and must be well structured and error-free with well optimized for search engines.

Tools of content marketing include:

Whitepaper (documents include case-study, process description/or any kind of description, etc.), infographics, e-books, and online material includes videos, blogs, and social media posts, etc.

Importance of content

Could you ever imagine the world without CONTENT?

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It will be like blank the same as the above image. No one will be able to create awareness of their brands and have you ever imagine what Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat would be if they didn’t have content? It would be BLANK…..

What roles content play in marketing?

For this, first, we have to understand the term SEO and SEM. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and likewise, SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.

So basically what is SEO, it is the process of getting traffic through organic way means through free, natural, and editorial search results on search engines.

Similarly, SEM is the process of getting traffic from search engines through paid and unpaid efforts.

Both tools of marketing play a salient role in marketing while we use digital marketing, especially for the market of your brand.

How does content marketing works in different segments?

As we are evolving in the world of automation. To make a powerful content, content marketers take help of IT peoples and collaborate with them to study the lifestyle of humans like their choices, demographics, etc. This also changed the real-time marketing and becomes a challenge to every person and even for an organization as they must have to be relevant, newsworthiness, and being at the forefront of the minds of your audience.


Lastly, another reason for the rise of content is because nowadays the media has become more democratic.

Hence from this blog, we can learn that content and content marketing both is considered to be new black of marketing. Because of its consumer-centric nature, it attracts them rather than interrupts them, and is more about them, than about you. This is the main reason behind its success.

-Prerna Sharma

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