Have you ever think of, if there were no advertisements !?

What would happen to the brand’s profits, maybe NOTHING…


Thatswhy the top brands averagely spent 10-12 % percent of their net profit on advertising.

Yeah so starting with the first brand.

Any guesses?


There is no wonder in keeping Amul’s name first in advertising and marketing of their products.


We all are aware of Amul’s billboard and from the very beginning, no one can beat its attractiveness and creativity along with the catchy punches and lines, because of this it is still considered as the best marketing campaign in India.

The key to their campaigns is the ability to be consistent and their performance of always think out of the box along with the latest trendy topic made them successful from the very beginning.


You all may be wandering by listening to the name of Tide. Right?

Yes their campaign in back 2018: “Every Ad is a Tide Ad”.

Are you confused?

Like you, the two of the creators of the campaign were also finding difficulty in pitching the Tide as they were thinking that all the commercials of detergents create the similar kind of advertisement for their product by this they came up with the campaign “Every Ad is a Tide Ad.” As in every Ad, the actors are shown in neat and clean clothes and have no stain they feature all the ads and told that every ad is selling Tide only. This is the best way they have to raise their revenues by clubbing all the advertisements.


Have you ever know that about 1.4 million old people face loneliness and out of them around 2,25,000 spent a whole week without speaking !?

You are wondering why I am speaking about all these things.

Because our next campaign is about that only.

The tie-up of Cadbury and Age UK (charity of older people) to take a call against the loneliness in later life faced by the people. After having the exposure of what extreme loneliness feels like, Cadbury turned their dairy milk bar blank…

To do this campaign Cadbury worked with creative agency VCCP to make an emotional advert to raise awareness of the loneliness crisis faced by older people.

Later, Cadbury decided to give 30p of every pack sold, to age UK to show the support towards initiatives like national advice line and telephone friendship service.



Yeah its campaign of Zoo-zoos

It is one of the best TV ad campaigns of Vodafone when they re-branded from Hutch’s pug and generated a higher brand awareness using the Zoo-zoos in the advert.


On the same side, Dove also spent a hefty amount on marketing. During their one of the survey they found that women don’t just want to look better; at the same time, they also want to feel better. By this survey, they understood that till now they are selling and pitching their product as part of the larger picture which means that they are not highlighting the women in their products as their main target were the women only.

To get rid of this problem Dove started two new campaigns called “show us” and “real beauty campaign” whereby to show two forensic artists make a comparison of two sketches one made by themselves and another was made by them only with another person’s description. The sketches of the women described by them were very dull and flat in the comparison of the sketches described by another person.  And in the second campaign, they collaborated with Girl-gaze (a GenZ photography organization) and Getty Images.

Through these two campaigns, Dove understood the importance of the target audience, and hence after that, they positioned their products as beauty and self-care products. 


KFC has always done their marketing keeping its audience in mind which is the best way one can do to make a strong bond between themselves and the customers. Their main aim was to engage the audience in their products. To make an appeal to young audiences and engaged them KFC started campaigns like Radio KFC RK Hunt, Designing your bucket campaign, Currycature, and Wow Menu option which were the top hits campaigns of KFC. They also dedicated one of the buckets to the Sachin Tendulkar on the day when he retired.


Like-wise the Coca Cola summer ad is one of the blockbuster ads of a brand. Where they had featured actor Deepika Padukone stuck in an elevator with hotel housekeeper and the only favorable thing was that she was having Coca Cola bottle by her side. Which shows that Coca Cola is the ice breaker between them.

From this campaign, Coca Cola tries to position it whenever you feel stress or any kind of tense situation you can have a Coca Cola.

Lastly, there are many brands focus mainly on brand awareness and advertisement like KitKat, Dabur’s Campaign: Vocal for Local is trending one. Next to the best and most enjoyable ad campaign of all the India vs. Pakistan cricket fan is ….

Any guesses?

Its Mauka-Mauka campaign of world-cup 2015 by the Star sports.

Want to relive it again then just click the link below…

-Prerna Sharma

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