Facebook and JioMart

Facebook and JioMart


In the new era where big giants are investing in the Indian markets. Where there is another one big deal that was announced during the lockdown period. That was, the collaboration between Facebook with Jio platforms. Mostly many of us have an outlook on this news. But few of us have an idea about this investment and how this will beneficial for us by the time.

On 22nd April Mr. Mukesh Ambani had announced about the deal in which Facebook is investing in the Jio platforms. Facebook signed a deal with Jio worth $5.8 million by acquiring 9.99% equity stake of the Indian firm. As a consequence of this deal, Jiomart has gone live on WhatApp. Yes, you heard it right…the first impact of this deal will be on Jio mart. Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries  Ltd.,  Mr. Mukesh Ambani said that “The synergy of Jio and Facebook will appreciate our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi ‘s mission Digital India. With its two core goals – ‘ Ease of Living’ and ‘Ease of Doing Business’ for every single category of Indian people without exception. In the post corona era, I am confident of India’s economic recovery and resurgence in the shortest period of time. The partnership will surely make an important contribution to this transformation”  

The operating of Jiomart will be through WhatsApp.  In which you have to place an order through WhatsApp however you have to pay offline to the store. Simply by this process, Jio is converting online to an offline platform that allowing customers to place orders online but payment for the same on offline mode.

Following are the simple steps for placing the order on Jiomart :

  • To place the order on Jio mart, customers are needed to add the Jiomart WhatsApp number.
  • After adding the number customer entitle to message ‘Hi’ to that number.
  • Then after the customer will receive a link from Jiomart. Which will be shown as – ” welcome to Jiomart WhatsAap order booking services”.
  • The link will be activated only for 30 minutes. So to generate a new link the customer has to send a fresh message to that number.
  • As soon as the customer opens the link they will be redirected to the page wherein they have to fill the personal details like name, address, location, etc.
  • After filling the details and submitting, the screen will appear showing a list of grocery items. So that consumers can add the items of their preference in the cart. And the order is placed.

Once the customer will generate the order, it will access a nearby grocery store.  Then the consumer will get an invoice along with the address of the grocery store and location.

After then the consumer will receive SMS from that grocery store when the order is ready to pick up. Then the consumer will pick up the order as per the address of the store and pay the amount at that store.

This will help to grow small retailers and provision stores. As with this, they can engage with new and old customers. Also, this will be beneficial to the customers. As the consumer will get a discount on the MRP. Another feature of this will be that there is nothing like the minimum order quantity.  A small buyer can also order here.

-Riddhi Yagnik

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