Do you know 97% of marketers use social media marketing for their businesses?

The reason behind it is its reach and influence among the consumers.

So starting with the first tool.

Create Brand Recognition

The most basic element lies under brand remembrance. Yes, it is the first and foremost thing, to emphasize on this, many of the brands are using social media over traditional media (like TV, newspapers, etc.) and one of the core benefits is that it is convenient and quick and the unsung benefit of social media is consumers are looking at your brand when they aren’t thinking about your brand and the product. Which can, later on, end to the unwanted purchase from the customer’s end.

To CREATE AND MAKE IMPRESSION OF one’s brand one can strategically use their brand logo like it should not be distracting one rather than these visual elements (logo and tag-line) of your brand must be well represented and seen clearly on the social media page. Which impacts a lot.

The best example I can give you is off Nike’s social media page.

As you can see Nike has kept their twitter image very crystal clear along with that they have also put the cover image of a runner which indicates and connects with the idea of running. As their objective is to promote fitness

Generate A Conversation Around Your Brand

The second thing is to generate conversions. To generate conversion you need a strong and effective social media marketing strategy. Which can accelerate your conversions to a great extent?

One of the best examples is Netflix, once Netflix used the UGC (User Generated Content) strategy to promote the series “Stranger things as they were inspired by the tweet of the fellow member.


As you can see in the above image, inspiring from this, Netflix promoted “Stranger thing 2” with the same title of the hashtags for their upcoming season of the series. Which helped Netflix to generate almost 1 million audiences in just 2 weeks.

Retarget Your Audience Using Social Media

Yes, some of you may not believe it, but it is possible to retarget your target audience.

But how is the question?

By showing the retargeting ads

Retargeting works but for this, we have to keep an eagle’s eyes on each consumer’s action who visits our website or social media handle or blog, etc. When they visit on any of the platforms the retargeting services displays the ads which allow the business to be in the eye of an interested customer which can become our future consumers with the help of retargeting tools.

Connect With Your Audience

To connect with the audience one should monitor the recent topics and social conversion which will help in understanding that what’s important in your audience and which type of trend they are following.

Which will help you to create the content from them? For better engagement with the audience and to know which tone and language are more familiar to them one should make it a part of their routine to keep a check of the social media handle with the help of social listening (an act of monitoring the social trend). To make it more effective one can keep a track of mention also which can also help in solving the customer’s query very conveniently and quickly.

Here is one of the examples of Burger King as they use the same dialect which many of the youths were posting representing themselves which will help the youngsters to relate with it.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

As social media is the best way to share a brand’s motive and mission nowadays which can have a great impact on one’s brand image and how consumers perceive the particular brand and its products.

Explaining with the example of Starbucks, it has simply put a story that tells that someone is getting a job at a hiring fair, which helped them in building their goodwill.

So  one can use the features of social media is a very impactful manner and very precisely which can be seen in this example.

Help Your Cause to Go Viral

We all are familiar with the word viral, right?

I am talking about viral ads.

The beauty of viral ads is that they give a lot of attention without giving many efforts.

But as the coin has two sides likewise…

The negative side of it is that it may sometimes lead to distraction (distraction from your main motive/mission of the brand), but from my perspective, one should only focus on good content and good promotion which can lead to viral ads in near future.

Use #Hashtags To Increase Your Reach

As everyone knows hashtags are a powerful weapon of social media that one can use it to enhance their reach among the group of similar i.e like-minded individuals.

As the image shows that one of the popular retailers of US “Target has used the hashtags “#Leapday as this post was done on the leap day itself as any of the individuals who will search for the #Leapday they will be also informed with the Target’s new sale.

One suggestion from my side: It is important to know that using too many hash-tags together will degrade or devalue your message and will also quickly disappear. So we have to keep in mind that we should be specific while using the hash-tags.

Build Customer Loyalty

As it is a saying one good customer will say to you to one customer but the unhappy unsatisfied customer will say to almost thousands of people.

From my side, it is the most primary thing that one brand should take care of its loyalty towards potential customers. Which many of the top brands focus on.

Apart from this, businesses focus on exceptional customer service, must keep their customers up-to-date with the fashion and trend, must promote their content and cause among the customers to build goodwill and an impactful impression, and many more small things. It is like, growing an infant. As it takes more patience and determination.

-Prerna Sharma


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